Welcome to the blog, which I’ll do my best to update every week. Sometimes I’ll post one of my newspaper columns – now largely featuring the vexed questions of married life, getting older and coping with lockdown – and sometimes it’ll be news and views on my writing, or writing in general. I’m also aware that a few people who read my books would like to write their own books, so from time to time I’ll write some ‘advice’ posts as well…
Mark Richards

Pasta al Vomito

Let’s say you’re writing a novel. You fall into one of two camps. You’re a plotter – or a pantser. You either plot it all out beforehand, or you fly by the seat of your pants. Isn’t cooking just the same? You either plot it out – follow Delia’s recipe and do as you’re told […]


Future Writing Plans

With the exception of 2017 – when Alex was doing his A-levels and the First Serious Girlfriend was on the scene – we’ve done a walk, followed by my book about the walk, every year since 2016. This year we’d planned to go to Italy and walk the Via degli Dei from Bologna to Florence. […]


Locked Down in Yoga Pants

As you know, I like a good rant from time to time. When lockdown started it was EE. About 594 companies e-mailed to tell me how much they cared, but it was EE that sent me over the edge. “Look at this. They’re putting the prices up. Using some special measure of inflation known only […]